Associations & Certifications

Trade Associations

American Fruits and Flavors takes pride in the associations we have within the food and beverage industry. We have been a leader and partner for more than 30 years with industry trade groups committed to the advancement of food science, technology and regulatory compliance. We invest our time, our people and our resources to collaborate with other specialists and industry leaders to understand the latest trends, newest ingredients and most creative innovations.


Company Certifications

We invest hundreds of hours in certifications to ensure we meet or exceed industry-specific standards to deliver safe and reliable products and solutions. In addition to quality, environmental, health & food safety standards and special dietary requirements, our investment helps improve business processes and manage risk.

Professional Certifications

Our employees are professionally certified through a number of Federal, State, Local and private institutions maintaining the highest standards.

  • Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP) certification
  • Certified Food Safety Manager, National Registry of Food Safety Professionals®
  • Certified Flavor Chemist
  • Certified Food Scientist
  • SQF Practitioner Certified
  • Food Defense Certification


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