President’s Message

For more than 60 years, American Fruits and Flavors has been providing award-winning fruit and flavor solutions to the food and beverage industry. Our reputation for creativity, innovation, and technological advancement has led to our rapid growth. As a company, we have the resources of a large corporation, but maintain the personalized attention and customer care of a smaller business.

As part of our USA operations expansion, we are excited to announce that in the fall of 2023, we will be opening our new global headquarters and state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in San Fernando, California. By bringing our US operations, R&D, and business teams together, we will enhance our ability to create and deliver innovative solutions to our customers.

Our experienced team has hundreds of years of combined flavor creation and fruit processing experience, serving domestic and international customers. We invite you to visit our facility and work directly with our creative team to develop your next successful product or product line.

At American Fruits and Flavors, we are proud to offer products that not only meet or exceed the most stringent food safety standards, but are also high in quality, good for you, and taste great. Whether you require natural, organic, gluten-free, GMO-free, Kosher, Halal, or any other specific product requirement, our dedicated team is committed to creating fruit and flavor solutions that meet the rapidly evolving needs of today's consumers.

As President of American Fruits and Flavors, I am committed to upholding the highest standards of food safety, integrity, quality, and service in our products and business practices. Our employees take pride in their work, and we are dedicated to continuing our tradition of hard work, dedication, and creativity.

Thank you for considering American Fruits and Flavors as your preferred partner. We look forward to our partnership and continued success.

Bill Haddad
President, American Fruits and Flavors

Our Mission

We create the best tasting food and beverage products in the world, bringing our customer’s imagination to reality. 

Our Shared Values / What We Believe

  • Achievement

    We create opportunities, and we work as a team to achieve them. We always prepare as if it matters, because it always does. We never overlook the details, because we play to win. Being scrappy and creative wins. We set goals that we aim to exceed.

  • Supporting Our Partners

    We are attentive. We listen. We digest. We over communicate. We say what we’re going to do, and ensure we hold true to our word.

  • Open & Honest Communication

    Everyone has a voice. It’s important that everyone participates, and ideas are given oxygen to breathe. Listening is critical. We can debate and we can disagree, but we must always be respectful, be honest and be kind to our fellow teammates.

  • Root for One Another

    We are a family, so we root for one another. We celebrate the wins. Your success is our success. And we support balance, inside and outside of work. We grow together.

  • Teach & Be Taught

    We learn and grow. We listen and provide feedback. We find time to pay it forward within the organization. We seek information that helps us become better as a leader, contributor, team, and an organization.

...we root for your success.

Reasons to Believe


Growing rapidly and becoming among the industry giants. Remains Nimble. Full Business engagement apprach. Motivated. Innovative. Hands on. Creative. Strong trade accreditations.


60 years of History. Acts as Monster’s innovation arm, as a key driver of brand’s trajectory, and top innovation accolades from Forbes Magazine.


Can grow with clients with ease, based on capacity & capabilities.

Ability to quicky scale up to meet growing demands.


AFF has a long history of strong delivery and performance in this space acrros beverages, sauces, food, bakery, and more.

AFF has a long history of strong delivery and performance in this space acrros beverages, sauces, food, bakery, and more.


AFF has a long history of strong delivery and performance in this space acrros beverages, sauces, food, bakery, and more.

Get in touch

We at AFF are eager to connect with you and discuss any subject or project you may have in mind. Our team values open communication and collaboration, and we look forward to the opportunity to work with you. Please use the “contact us” function to get in touch with us and start a conversation about how we can support you and your goals. We are excited to hear from you!


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