Compounder – Los Angeles, CA


This position works in conjunction with supervisor and/or manager to perform the activities of the department, including timely completion of product batches in accordance with GMP, HACCP and safety guidelines, working in cooperation with all other departments, promoting information exchange and teamwork within the department. The Compounder is responsible for the accuracy of batch formulation and compliance with company policy, GMP and HACCP guidelines and safety procedures. The Compounder must contribute to the efficient and profitable operation of the plant and maintain a positive work atmosphere, by behaving and communicating in ways that foster good relationships with co-workers and managers, while achieving performance standards.

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  • Background in production, familiar with production lines and processing machinery.
  • Knowledge of safety, sanitation, HACCP and GMP standards and procedures.
  • Good written and oral English communication skills, basic computer skills.
  • Proficient with math conversions using calculator, familiar with metric system, weights and measures.