September 1, 2023

Q.C. Lab Technician

Perform standard Q.C. tests and analysis on incoming raw materials, raw samples and /or finished products.

General Description of Duties

Perform standard Q.C. tests and analysis on incoming raw materials, raw samples and /or finished products. Prepare all standards for comparison with samples from production. Maintain accurate records on all work performed. Maintain and calibrate instruments regularly. Receive instruction and guidance from QC Chemists and R & D scientists of all levels. Have internal contacts with R&D staff, Production, Purchasing and inter-company lab personnel regarding resources, production and procedures. This individual must maintain a positive work atmosphere by behaving and communicating in ways that foster good relationships with vendors, customers, co-workers and supervisors, while achieving and enhancing performance standards

Essential Job Functions

- Perform standard routine tests (Brix, pH, color, turbidity, etc.) on products.
- Pull samples out from cold box to be used as standards or re-evaluate for any reason as requested.
- Pull samples of incoming raw material from Shipping & Receiving.
- Evaluate incoming raw material samples for compliance with specifications.
- Responsible for collection, review and filing of Certificates of Analysis for all raw materials.
- Responsible to keep FABS up to date on all QC records of samples tested.
- Responsible for documenting CCP-5 Pathogens, CCP-6 Agrichemical analysis and CCP-3 Patulin.
- Monitor raw material periodic testing program for compliance with HACCP plan.
- Begin to trouble-shoot problem areas within the QC function and recommend solutions.
- Prepare samples for outside testing as needed.
- Perform incoming and outgoing tanker inspection prior to unloading or filling.
- Responsible for organizing, storing, clean-up and disposal of QC retained samples.
- Responsible for cleaning and calibrating all QC lab instruments on a regular basis.
- Wash all glassware; maintain a clean working area and sufficient inventory of supplies in the lab.
- Must demonstrate skill in establishing and implementing QC procedures for the continuous improvement of the QC Department functions. These include but are not limited to record keeping, trend analysis, specifications development and reporting data in a timely manner.
- Provide training for new employees as needed.
- Adhere to all safety procedures and policies.
- Must have regular, punctual attendance.
- Perform all others duties as assigned.


- Minimum B.A. in related field or equivalent work experience.
- Must be able to move about in a production and lab environment.
- Must have visual acuity to evaluate sample appearance and use lab instruments.
- Must demonstrate taste/aroma sense acuity.
- Must report to any company facility according to company need, sometimes with same-day notice.

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Pacoima, CA
Quality Control
Lab Technician
Compensation Range: Actual salary/hourly wages are determined upon a variety of factors such as level of experience, skills, education and /or certifications, and location.